Sensory testing timeline

My sensory testing notes from yeast propagation and from blending are distributed over my blogs since March. It is not a very convenient way to review them and to see how one sample led to another. Also, as my mind works visually, I find a picture a more effective way communicate ideas. Below is a link to a pdf and a jpeg of the flow diagram timeline. I hope it captures the extent, detail and spirit of this year’s project.  It will be tweaked, modified and added to over time. Any comments on how to improve it gratefully received. Thanks for the advice from Great Brettanomyces and Milk The Funk Facebook Forums.

Sensory testing flow diagram_2018_BrickLane V1

Sensory testing flow diagram_2018_Home_V1

Sensory testing flow diagram_2017_V6

Sensory testing flow diagram_V6